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Vice President, R&D Strategy & External Innovation

Copenhagen, Denmark
Our client is a global biotech company with an exclusive focus on the design and development of innovative medicines with an ambition of providing more safe and effective treatment to areas of high unmet medical needs. With two decades of experience, our client is a world leader in discovering and developing therapeutics in their field. Their advanced solutions and products aim to help thousands of people suffering from an array of chronic conditions and the product portfolio spans a range of already launched products and a strong pipeline of products in clinical development.

Our client utilizes a business model designed to optimize value through internal drug development and strategic partnerships, engaging in partnerships and collaborations that expand the opportunity and probability of success by providing additional resources and investments.
The Vice President, R&D Strategy & External Innovation, will report to the Chief Medical Officer and will be a member of the R&D Management Team. The primary responsibilities include development and coordination of R&D strategy, driving timely execution of R&D activities, and ensuring alignment of the individual research, development, and project strategies and programs.
The Vice President, R&D Strategy and External Innovation, will also be accountable for managing R&D portfolio prioritization and annual business planning, coordinating regular business/strategy/budget reviews and ensuring alignment and execution of R&D programs with other functions across of our client.
Position title:
Vice President, R&D Strategy & External Innovation.
Reporting line:
Chief Medical Officer.
Reporting to the position: None.
Location: Greater Copenhagen, Denmark.
Traveling: Travel on a needed basis.
Responsibilities & Tasks:
  • Leading the development and implementation of the company’s R&D strategy and specific program strategic plans in alignment with the organization's goals and objectives.
  • Working closely with R&D cross-functional teams to execute effectively on R&D priorities and programs, ensuring timely and successful completion of projects.
  • Coordinating and leading R&D Management meetings and participate in and support leadership committees within R&D.
  • Serving as R&D interface to strategic alliance partners in R&D as needed.
  • Monitoring industry trends and emerging technologies to identify potential business opportunities and incorporate them into the company’s R&D strategies.
  • Collaborating with academic institutions and contract organizations to advance R&D initiatives.
  • Overseeing R&D budgets, including processes for forecasting and tracking. 
  • Scoping & delivering cross-functional R&D productivity improvement initiatives.
  • Building and trouble-shooting R&D business plan.
  • Establishing and monitoring goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of R&D projects and make necessary adjustments to improve performance.
  • Driving executive and board level communication, including Scientific Committee, Board of Directors, and Corporate Management discussions.
Key success criteria:
Successful development and implementation of our client’s overall R&D strategy.
Monitoring progress on discovery, research and development activities – hereunder meeting project timelines.
Successful development and deployment of a Partnership Plan – hereunder partnerships for discovery, research and late-stage assets.
Successful tracking and overall review and management of R&D budgets.
Ensuring seamless collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders.
Successful contribution to the high-performance culture in Our client’s R&D team.
Educational background: Advanced degree in either a scientific and/or management field.
Language: Superior English skills (verbal and written).
Ideal experience: 5-10 years of experience in working in and with pharmaceutical sciences, preferably with direct biotechnology, pharma and/or R&D strategy and operations experience.
Experience leading and collaborating with cross- functional teams and across functional departments and teams.
Experience with program management or leadership, or senior scientific position.
Project management skills, including budgeting and tracking expenses preferred.
Well-versed in analyzing and interpreting data to inform decision-making.
Personal & leadership competencies: Communication
Excellent verbal and written English and cross-cultural communication and presentation skills. Able to communicate complex scientific and financial issues in a clear and straightforward way.

Empathetic team player
Displays a high degree of empathy with e.g., tactical stakeholders and employs this trait to collaborate well with others with a view to achieve overall R&D objectives; shares information; supports others. Team player who can work independently as well as collaborate with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders to ensure streamlined execution of Our client's R&D strategy.

Is proactive, self-motivated and enjoys building up things from scratch.

Takes control/responsibility
Makes sure stakeholders and management have a clear understanding of the direction and time horizon of the strategy and objectives; drives projects forward with great agility to reach pivotal milestones; makes things happen and follows through. Can serve as an extension of the CMO.

Impactful trouble-shooter
Is able to create impact without having a tactical mandate and authority. Exerts influence by being a strong trouble-shooter and making clear win-win connections between plans and execution.

Confidently robust
Is naturally self-confident, reliable, trustworthy and able to make important decisions, while withstanding adverse conditions. Encourages the achievement of set goals by promoting a sense of purpose and demonstrates strong drive, stamina, natural authority, and responsibility, while prompting a strong wish to support the team to success.

Makes rational, realistic and sound decisions based on the involvement of available facts and possibilities.

Strategic mind
Looks beyond the immediate difficulties and focuses on the far-reaching consequences; sees things in a broad perspective; takes tendencies in the environment into account when planning and developing strategies.

Intercultural understanding

Able to communicate with people from other cultures; operates effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

Works systematically; organizes work and effort; is methodical in one's performance; holds on to commenced tasks and projects. Monitors and identifies issues.

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