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Nordic Business Unit Head

Copenhagen, Denmark
Our client
Zoetis is the world’s leading animal health company. The Zoetis name comes from “Zoe,” the Greek word for life and the use of science to sustain life is at the foundation of everything Zoetis’ does.

How can science create longer, more fulfilling lives for pets?

Zoetis is committed to answering this and many other questions through a mixture of innovation and compassion, leaning on cutting-edge technologies and deep-seated connections to their communities to create advancements in animal health. Zoetis discovers, develops, and manufactures vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and other technologies for companion animals and livestock. A Fortune 500 company traded on the NYSE (ZTS). The company generated $7.8 billion in revenue in 2021 – growing 16% (YOY).

Zoetis – at a glance
  • 70+ years of experience in animal health.
  • 100+ countries in which Zoetis products are sold.
  • 12,100 employees as of December 31, 2021.
  • 61% of revenue come from companion animal products.
  • 39% of revenue come from farm animal products.
The Nordic Business Unit Head (BU Head) for Companion Animals (CA) & Diagnostics (Dx) is tasked with running a complex business unit capable of achieving stretching sales targets and market share growth with full accountability for delivering results. The BU Head is also a member of the Nordic Leadership Team and contributes to the forging of the overall Nordic business strategy driving the achievement of the team's strategic goals and the regions financial objectives. The BU Head function is a leader of leaders and a role model of outstanding leadership behaviors and the Zoetis core beliefs.
Position title:
Nordic Business Unit Head, Companion Animals.
Reporting line:
General Manager, Nordics.
Reporting to the position: 4 direct reports (Sales Managers, Technical Manager, Marketing Manager)/16 indirect reports.
Location: Copenhagen.
Traveling: Travel on a regular basis within the Nordic region.
Responsibilities & Tasks:
Financial management:
  • Delivering agreed operating plan and budget - ensuring sales revenue, margin, operating expenses, and profit exceed targets.
  • Ensuring marketing investments are based on analysis and insights, linking to the strategy.
  • Developing the annual Operating plan for the business unit.
  • Leveraging all revenue streams, long and short term; assets, technology, services, pricing, consultancy, solutions, and process enhancement.
  • Ensuring the financial control of the business unit and maintaining financial integrity in all areas especially on marketing spend and financial forecasting of marketing spend.
  • Producing accurate financial and volume forecasting.
  • Managing the business unit budget with tight control to avoid overspends - report regularly on financial net sales estimates.
  • Using the discretionary budget amount in responsible, value driven, and innovative ways.
  • Conducting ROI analysis both pre and post spend.
  • Conducting regular assessment of payroll cost vs. ROI - leading structural changes to affect ROI when necessary.

  • Maintaining a constant view of market conditions while anticipating fluctuations.
  • Making calculated judgements to harness the commercial potential from changing market conditions at business unit level.
  • Formulating creative and insightful strategic plans alongside stakeholders, that are based on comprehensive knowledge of customers and markets.
  • Continually assess customer growth opportunities with regular account profiling and finding opportunities for additional needs and possible segmentation.
  • Using business analytics to monitor and measure brand performance; in-line brand market share, equity, positioning, and drivers within the business unit.
  • Implementing wider company strategies within the business unit that relate to in-line product positioning, pricing, packaging improvements, distribution, communications, customer segmentation, and field force structure.
  • Translating the strategy into tactical delivery for the business unit. Effectively allocating and ing resources to enable delivery of the strategy within a corporate setting.
  • Identifying all possible business alliances, acquisitions, licensing opportunities, joint ventures, and co-promotions, and sustain his/her development.
  • Contributing to the development of pan-cluster strategies. Working beyond the Nordics to developing and embedding these.
Customer proposition
  • Providing a specific and clear direction for the strategy, objectives, policies, practices, and expectations within the business unit to your direct reports.
  • Leading your team through periods of change that will drive process enhancements and deliver improved results - through action, creating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurialism.
  • Driving the achievement of excellent individual results by using formal people processes; performance management, training & development, and talent & succession planning.
  • Attracting, growing, and keeping competent employees.
  • Developing rigorous and robust processes for the pipelining of talent.
  • Using coaching as a tool to grow the managers in ability and achievement - embedding a coaching culture in the business unit.
  • Ensuring people in the business unit are managed using the expectations set out in the company vision, mission, values, behaviors, and policies.
  • Having in place a thriving culture of reward and recognition in the business unit.
  • Enabling individual results and accomplishments to facilitate a team member’s progress in the company.
  • Ensuring solution selling and field force effectiveness are part of the DNA in your team.
  • Embedding effective cross functional working groups throughout the business that enable idea sharing, relationship building and the development of support networks.
  • Creating channels for the sharing of feedback, information, and process improvements.
  • Developing a broad network of contacts – opinion leaders, key influencers, industry consultants, industrial bodies – and maintaining long term relationships with them.
  • Leading a business unit that creates mutually beneficial relationships and knows the importance of win:win:win.
  • Working in partnership with Zoetis teams outside the region - nurturing these relationships and use them as a stream to share best practice.
  • Utilizing the resources of the cluster (COE) in providing knowledge, best practice, training, and greater oversight to the business unit.
  • Maintaining close ties to the Commercial Development & Lifecycle Innovation community within Zoetis to draw on their wider knowledge and maximize the value of the product portfolio.
Key success criteria:
  • Strengthening the Zoetis brand in the Nordics. 
  • Exerting effective leadership of the Companion Animal team – hereunder setting a clear direction and aligned corporate strategy with high yield activities and action plans.
  • Establishing and building valuable commercial relationships with key customers and industry groups to ensure a high level of customer interaction and centricity.
  • Effectively coaching and mentoring team members through both individual and team development to continuously improve their performance and meet succession planning needs.
  • Delivering according to the annual ambition, budget and strategic plans for the Nordic Companion Animal area – hereunder delivering on KPI’s i.e., net sales, profitability, campaign, and engagement targets.
Educational background: The ideal candidate holds a M.Sc.-level degree.
Language: English – fluent (verbally and written).
Ideal experience:
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Nordic Life Science industry - Animal Health industry is an advantage, but not a requirement.
  • Experienced in an international organisation with a fast-evolving environment.
  • Extensive marketing, sales, technical and organisational leadership experience.
  • Demonstrated track record in consistently delivering on budget.
  • Financial management experience - P&L and operating budget management.
  • Well-versed in a strategic and senior leadership role within larger corporate contexts.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading a business through significant change.
Personal & leadership competencies: Communication
Excellent verbal and written English and cross-cultural communication and presentation skills. Able to communicate complex scientific and financial issues in a clear and straightforward way.

Take control/responsibility
Makes sure stakeholders and management have a clear understanding of the direction and time horizon of the tasks and strategy; drives projects forward to reach pivotal objectives; makes things happen and follows through.

Makes rational, realistic and sound decisions based on the involvement of available facts and possibilities.

Results-oriented problem solver
Focus on action, activities, and results. Can develop and implement innovative solutions based on customer needs. Can continue working on a specific problem, viewpoint, or action plan until a result has been achieved or it is determined that an alternative approach is needed.

Confidently robust
Is naturally self-confident, reliable, and able to take severe decisions, while withstanding adverse conditions. Encourages the achievement of set goals by promoting a sense of purpose and demonstrates strong drive, stamina and natural authority, while prompting a strong wish to support and lead the team to success.

Personal relations
Is able to establish and maintain relations with co-workers, customers, and stakeholders at all levels internally as well as externally, and make people feel at ease. Develops and maintains networks. Achieves agreement by dealing with potential conflicts/ disagreements in a diplomatic and professional manner.

Utilizes critical thinking. Maintains overview in situations that requires quick decisions, including a holistic view to quality and delivery. Intelligently divides problems into relevant parts, sensitively integrates analytical output into a given context and differentiates between key areas and irrelevant and less important areas. Applies a logical mind-set and makes sensible decisions based on available information and a strong business understanding.

Visionary/strategic minded
Defines a clear vision. Looks beyond the immediate difficulties and focuses on the far-reaching consequences; sees things in a broad perspective; takes tendencies in the environment into account when planning and developing strategies.

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