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Senior Manager

Sweden, Sweden
Our client is a leading management consultancy firm with Nordic roots that specializes in providing strategic advice and consulting services to clients in the healthcare and pharma sectors. The company comprises over 200 professionals across 4 locations and has a strong focus on evidence-based decision-making and employs innovative methodologies and tools to deliver high-quality and actionable insights to its clients in the public healthcare and life sciences space.

The company's team of experienced consultants has deep expertise in healthcare policy, economics, and management, and works closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. With a strong track record of successful projects and a commitment to excellence, Nordic Healthcare Group has established itself as a trusted partner to healthcare organizations in the Nordics and beyond.  

Our client employs a Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) approach to solve real-life questions and challenges that their clients encounter. At the same time, the company is a certified implementation partner for ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) and, hence, works in close collaboration with ICHOM to enable international and standardized comparison of outcomes while learning from the global best practices in VBHC.

Additionally, our client specializes in providing life science clients with services related to market access, real-world evidence (RWE) analysis, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), service design, optimization, health IT, medical solutions, management information, innovation, strategy development, and management.

Currently the market leader in one of the Nordic countries, our client is rapidly expanding its operation. In the pursuit of being the market leader in the Nordics.
In recent years, Pharma companies have been the fastest-growing customer segment in our client’s advisory business, and the successful candidate will take on a senior role in the Nordic Pharma team. The role will collaborate with colleagues from all over the Nordics in driving and leading projects. The pharma team is part of our client’s advisory business unit, which offers consultancy in different areas in the health care and life sciences space, both private and public.

The Senior Manager will be responsible for delivering pharma projects mainly in Sweden and in the Nordics, acting as a project manager and leading cross-functional projects teams consisting of consultants, analysts, data scientists, managers and as a customer responsible partner.

The primary focus of the role will be on RWE studies and market access. Engagements will typically involve working with clients to resolve their challenges in different therapeutic and disease areas to support market access, and strategy.

The role will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping clients drive healthcare forward and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.
Position title: Senior Manager.
Reporting line: General Manager.
Reporting to the position: None.
Location: Sweden.
Traveling: Occasional travel to Finland, in Scandinavia and overseas.
Responsibilities & Tasks: Project Delivery
  • Managing the entire project lifecycle, including planning, execution, and evaluation of project deliverables.
  • Managing assignment execution teams.
  • Identifying and managing key stakeholders, including customers and partners.

Project Team Leadership
  • Leading cross-functional delivery teams of consultants, analysts, managers, data scientists and a customer responsible partner.
  • Acting as Project Manager in certain cases while continuing to provide guidance to the team to ensure the quality of project deliverables.
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture.
  • Participating in recruitment together with the Nordic pharma team, HR team and management of our client Sweden in order to expand the Pharma team to Sweden.

Business Development
  • Actively engaging in account management with client organizations at HQ, region and local level, building deep lasting relationships and delivering high-value results.
  • Taking responsibility for initiating and leading commercial e.g., sales and other business development activities.
Key success criteria:
  • Demonstrates successful leadership of project execution teams and delivers high-quality and consistent results to client organizations.
  • Delivers on business development and customer satisfaction KPIs – hereunder a yearly personal sales target in the range of 1M €.
  • Displays a strong holistic mindset and utilizes the organization’s people and resources to drive forward the successful execution of projects and deliverables.
Educational background: Preferably a degree in nature science, commercial or medical technology-related field. An advanced degree (Master’s/MBA or PhD) is considered a plus.
Language: Fluent in English (verbal and written).
Ideal experience:
  • 5-7 years of work experience within the pharmaceutical industry and/or management consulting.
  • Broad experience within market access, Real World Evidence (RWE/RWD), service design, value-based healthcare (VBHC) or like.
  • Preferably experience with sales and delivery of RWE and/or Market Access advisory.
  • Understands the Swedish health data landscape.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and network within the life sciences industry and relevant players, public and/or private.
  • Prior project team leadership experience.
  • Experience in working with the public sector in reference to the pharmaceutical industry is preferred.
  • Experience in working with global organizations.
Personal & leadership competencies: Analytical                                                                  
Divides problems into relevant parts; sensitively integrates the analytical output into the given context; differentiates between key areas and irrelevant and less important areas; has a logical mindset; makes sensible decisions on the basis of available information; is able to get an overview of a specific situation and at the same time work detailed with a problem; uses details to gain an overview of a situation.

Inspires confidence

Makes a good first impression, appears honest and sincere, appears trustworthy and competent, gains other people's trust.

Results orientation
Establishes visible and achievable goals for the project team. Focus on action, activities, and results.


Plans a focused course of action for himself/herself and others, ensures an appropriate assignment of tasks for employees, schedules an optimal use of resources.

Works systematically; organizes work and effort; is methodical in one's performance; holds on to commenced tasks and projects.

Take control/responsibility
Makes sure employees/co-workers have a clear understanding of the direction of the tasks; takes action; organizes resources and directs others toward successful execution of the tasks; drives projects forward to reach pivotal objectives; makes things happen and follows through.

Personal relations – and networking
Is able to establish and maintain relations with people at all levels internally as well as externally and make people feel at ease. Achieves agreement by dealing with disagreements and potential conflicts with diplomatic skills. Develops and maintains networks.

Team orientation
Collaborates; works well with others to obtain the team's objectives; shares information; supports others.

Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills. Communicates the central issues in a discussion in a clear, fluent and precise manner, while being able to keep the recipients' attention. Produces written material, which is clear, fluent, precise and easy to understand for the recipients. Attentive to the needs of others.

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